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SCSI2SD Proc V1.1, SCSI2SD Mod V1.1
SCSI2SD Proc V1.1, SCSI2SD Mod V1.1

The Apple Powerbook gets ready for a long life.

And for you hands-on experience with a modern ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller.

SCSI2SD is a SCSI hard disk emulator, initially available as a kit only.

The old hard drive with mechanical elements is replaced by a removable MicroSD card as medium. If you replace the few electrolytic capacitors in a Powerbook with long-lasting ceramic or tantalum capacitors, the Powerbook will be a valuable reminder of the 90s. And if you miss the sound of a hard drive: SCSI2SD can produce the original sound as well.

SCSI2SD uses a Cypress PSoC5LP mixed-signal microcontroller.
The integrated development environment PSoC Creator for Windows can be downloaded for free from Cypress.

SCSI2SD is open source under the GPL license. Hardware (schematic) and software (annotated C source code, PSoC Creator Files) are published on Github.

Does SCSI2SD work with my Amiga X, Mac Y or sampler Z ?

Generally, the adapter works with all SCSI devices.

The software might have been tested with your specific device, see the list at



Nov 17, 2021: Korg Triton Classic (with modification of DB25 connector)

If the adapter was incompatible, it would rather be caused by exceptional behaviour of your device than SCSI2SD.

Please note that this version for Apple Powerbooks is fitted with a connector for Powerbooks, the common 50pin SCSI connector (not contained in kit) would have to be connected manually by wires. Same with the power input.

Change in 2022: The DB25 connector is no longer included in the kit, as many users do not need it.
Anyone who needs the DB25 (D-Sub) connector should add the DB25 (DB25PAM1 to be precise) to the shopping cart, which is slightly more expensive overall.

RECOMMENDED: Get to know the project first, then order. The kits only contain the components and a parts list, the essential information is linked here.


SCSI2SD Kit Overview

Design Files on Github

Cypress PSoC Creator IDE

Kit Assembly Guide

Firmware updates

Please read before you contact us

SCSI2SD Project by Michael McMaster

Become creative and make a video of assembling one of our kits.

You let others watch while crafting and we thank you for your video with a free kit of your choice (ACSI2SD or SCSI2SD)!


Why shouldn't a buyer of our kits let the camera run along when building our kit? Sprinkle in a few tips when it gets difficult, critically examine our concept and finally show the finished product.


If you want to inspire us and others, make a video and send us a link. Once it convinces us, we will include it on our website, then we thank you with a free kit of your choice (free shipping only within the EU).


Here are the rules:

  • Promotional period until Dec 31, 2021. Not the fastest video wins, but the best.
  • Rolling principle: A good video can be replaced by a better one or stand side by side, both submitters will be rewarded when they are published
  • common video format, recommended length 5-15 min
  • Language and / or subtitles: German or English
  • Multiple opportunities: Each of our 4 kits is qualified x 2 languages ​​= 8 chances of winning
  • no self-portrayal: the presenter should not appear face-to-face in the video and not disclose any personal data (first name and nationality allowed)
  • If the sender agrees to the publication, he must provide us with a copy of the video or the link to third party websites must be available for at least one year.
  • Jurisdiction of a court is excluded.